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Immigration to Canada through business education
Payment upon arrival in Canada
7 440 $US
"Entrepreneurship and small business management"
Toronto, Canada
Diploma Program at York Entrepreneurship Development Institute
Combine study with work
Interest-free student loan
Come with your family
Apply for permanent residence in 1 year

Why choose

It's warm in Canada

Health system is funded by the Canadian state, so the Canadian citizens have the opportunity to receive free or partially free health care

Free medicine

The Canadian passport will give you a visa-free access to 184 countries around the world, including the United States

Strong Passport

There is a myth that it is very cold in Canada. Actually it is not. For example, in Toronto in winter, the average temperature drops to -4 degrees, and in Vancouver in winter to +1
Canada has a progressive tax system. It all depends on your income and expenses, so on average Canadians pay about 18-20%, while in Russia 35-42%

Low Taxes

About the study program
Throughout the year, the institute has an educational program entitled "Entrepreneurship and small business management". In the process of studying you will receive documents giving you the right to obtain Permanent Residency in Canada.

The program builds on the institute's years of experience in developing successful businesses, resulting in a short and one-year training program.
This program allows future or current entrepreneurs to immerse themselves in the details of doing business in Canada, personalize their learning experience by leveraging connections with leading industry experts.

The instructors of the program are world-famous entrepreneurs and scientists with extensive practical experience.
Admission open throughout the year:
If you are looking for an educational institution for the purpose of immigration, then the York Enterprise Institute is what you need.

Entering any other educational institution, you need to study for at least 3 years and work in your specialty for another year in order to have the right to stay in Canada. Here we provided more detailed information about it.

When you graduate from this institute, you will receive a letter of support enabling you to get Permanent Residence in Canada under the Entrepreneurial Immigration Program.

The York Enterprise Institute is on the government's list as a designated organization authorized to issue the appropriate letter of support.
Education and immigration for future and current entrepreneurs
Why choose this institute?

  • September
  • January
  • May
Get eligible to immigrate under the Startup Visa program by completing any of the programs
Take an institute course to better understand how to do business in Canada
Why take business training?
Develop global connections, vision and tactics for the development of your business projects in Canada
Course content
  • 1 year (3 times a week, after 17.30)
  • 42 study week
  • 11 classroom hours per week
  • 900 hours of general program
Conditions of education
Program duration
  • High school diploma or higher
  • A bachelor's degree is considered an advantage
  • Current CV
  • Passing an interview

We prepare you for your college interview

We help to prepare and submit an application

We collect documents, certify your diploma

Result: you are accepted in the institute

We prepare the necessary documents for immigration
Remotely submit documents for student and work visa

Come to Canada and start studying
Result: Right for PR after 1 year of working and living in Canada

High school diploma 11th grade and above

Bank statement about

having 20.000 $US on account

Plans to open a business or work as a manager

Who is this program for?



Join the learning process at any time
Documents for immigration ready in 6 months
Minimum probability of visa refusal
Refund in case of refusal to issue a visa
No language exam required
Right to work and study in Canada for all members of your family
Prepayment for tuition after obtaining a visa, the rest in installments
Convenient distance learning, 3 times a week, in the evening
Four months and you are in Canada
Result: right to Canadian PR in 6 months
Postpone payment,
apply for a study loan
Example of expenses for a family of 1
Medical checkup
Student visa
State fee for issuing a visa

During the 1st month
For the 3rd month of study
For the 5th month of study
Before graduation
Total for 2 months:
1 250 $US
Total in a year:
29 980 $US
You pay before arrival to Canada:
Pay within a year in Canada:
~ 950 $US
150 $US
7 440 $US
7 440 $US
7 440 $US
7 440 $US
220 $US
~ 150 $US
The cost of studying at the institute:
Loan compensation for studying
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Feedback about the program

In this video, a student of the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management program talks about choosing a program, his experience of studying and living in Canada

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